”Livet på Läktaren” – Episode 4

Livet på Läktaren

Episode 4 of the podcast ”Livet på Läktaren” (”Life on the Stand”) with hosts Maja Nilsson (Lindelöf) and Sanna Dahlström (Guidetti) was released today. The two good friends talk about the life of being together with their football player-boyfriends Viktor Lindelöf (Manchester United) and John Guidetti (Celta Vigo).

If you want to listen to the podcast (Swedish language) you can find it here:


Here are the translated headlines of today’s episode being an ”Ask us anything”- episode:

Maja Lindelöf criticize United

One of the questions is regarding their preparations before a home game and how they watch the game at the stadium. Maja criticizes the football club because they don’t arrange special seats for the girlfriends and their families unless the players pay a disgusting amount of money to rent a box at the stadium.

The situation has changed for us since moving to Manchester, but here the players have the option to rent a box and I’m not even going to tell you for how much but a disgusting amount of money. And if you don’t buy one you’re considered to be a loser. But having a box is wonderful because you have your own waiter.

Sanna (Guidetti) was not allowed to go to the bathroom

Sanna continues to tell the story of one home game at Celta Vigo where she tried to go to the toilet where the players and sponsors sit during a game. But claims she was not allowed by the guards because she was a girl.

I needed to go to the toilet at half time, and I planned to walk up where all the players and sponsors sit to use a bathroom, but I was not allowed in the area because I was a girl and they told me to use a bathroom down the hall. I became so angry and told John I would never ever visit a game again.

Sanna hates the Guidetti-song

Sanna also talks about the struggles of being famous in Vigo and moving around where a lot of fans are:

People recognize me in Vigo, I am the only blonde girl in the city and I always have to take fan photos. First I tell them ”No!” 45 times and then finally agree because they keep asking. And then they are always singing John’s fucking song – I hate that song.

Maja is the big spoon

Someone also asked in the podcast who shows their partner the most love or can express their feelings the best out of the two. They both agree that Maja is more than Sanna and she talks about how in love she and Viktor are and that they have a really great relationship. She also, as the lovely character she is, shares details about their cuddly relationship:

Viktor always tells me how much he loves me and I can barely take off my shirt in front of him without Viktor getting close to touch me. He’s like a monkey! But the day he stops being a monkey something is wrong in the relationship.

We’re always spooning when we sleep – and I’m usually the big spoon.

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